Wind and Hail Specialists

Wind and Hail Specialists
Southeast Louisiana's weather/climate produces thunderstorms on a regular basis. These storms comes with wind gusts, straight-line winds and hailstones that can seriously damage your roof in seconds. Our team of Field Representatives are trained to spot the damage to your roofing system..
How we can help
We will inspect your roofing system free of charge. We show you pictures and/or videos of any damage we see. If no damage is found we will let you know how much life is left in your roof

  • We help you file the insurance claim
  • We will meet with your insurance adjuster

The only out-of-pocket expense should be the homeowner's insurance policy deductable.
Stay in the know
Louisiana State Legislature RS 22:1336 Homeowner's Insurance; Act of God

No insurer shall cancel, fail to renew, or increase the amount of the premium, except upon an are-wide rating basis at the beginning of a new policy period, on a homeowner's policy of insurance based solely upon a loss caused by and "Act of God". An "Act of God" shall mean, in this Section, an incident due directly to natural causes and exclusively without human intervention..